Library:  adsFS

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Why a file system? The answer is a question "Have you seen one on your SDK?". With PCs i was used to files moving around the programmer, with PVs its just the opposite. I didn't want to leave the old good way :)

Why on the earth should we write a file subsystem for each application our sleepless nights suggest? The lazy programmer always solves a class of problems, not just one. adsFS shares data among the applications, just use its APIs. We get a standard way once for all.

It is a basic file system, it responds to several needs:

  • Assigning a name to every data we store.
  • Breaking the 3K/30K barrier of the PV storage system.
  • Every partition it creates offers 368640 bytes.
  • You don't have to worry about which record your data is in.
  • Up to 128 files entries on each partition.

Read the reference for more. I recommend that you study the sample code provided here.