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I wrote this tool with two goals in mind. 1) The need of a variable length data transmission system, for general purposes, over the serial cable. It has to be reliable in delivering data (event though i don't think a single byte has ever seen lions walking through few meters of serial cable). It has to provide some mechanism to stop the transfer and avoid deadlocks. 2) The need of an interface to separate the complexity of a correct serial data transfer you get when using low level functions such as "LibSrl" ones.

adsComm was born. It is made of two parts, a PV "c" library adsComm.lib and a Windows ActiveX control adsComm.ocx, ready for you to use in Visual Basic 6.

Consider both libraries as alpha versions. This sets up a third goal: it has to work when raining, snowing and whatever else you have in mind. The software is working well, but i expect your confirmations. So i invite you all to report bugs. If you have any question send an e-mail with subject: pv adsComm

I recommend that you study the sample code provided here.